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Detoxifying Facial - 60mins - 682,000 vnđ

Deep cleansing technique for the lymphatic system drawing out toxins, reducing any swelling or inflammation, and increasing the health and oxygen circulation of the skin.

Skin Renewal Facial -75mins - 1,220,000vnđ

This facial treatment helps to ease muscular tension, add circulation to the skin and helps to encourage healthy, renewed and younger-looking skin by slowing down the aging process.

Anti-Aging Facial - 90mins - 1,706,000vnđ

This is designed to address the underlying factors that lead to signs of premature aging in your skin it includes facial therapy that stimulates circulation, lymphatic rejuvenation, muscle toning and deep relaxation.

Warm Stone Massage -75mins - 1,208,000vnđ

Ideal for sore muscles or aches and pains in your joints, a warm stone massage used with aromatherapy oils, therapeutic benefit of smooth, warmed volcanic stones. Relaxing the nervous system, encouraging the body to detox and heal; and increasing lymph flow helping to flush out waste.

Traditional Thai Massage - 75mins - 1,067,000vnđ

Traditional Thai Massage is healing with its roots in yoga, increase vitality and to create wholeness of mind, body and spirit, will give you a deep and intensely stimulating massage to wholly invigorate you.

Aromatherapy - 60mins - 877,000vnđ

Using 100% pure natural essential oils that are blended according toyour individual needs. This therapy has different healing properties, and provider a calming, effect on the body.

Sports Treatment - 60mins - 877,000vnđ

This helps your body achieve maximum performance and physical conditioning with decreased chances of injury or pain, and a quicker recovery.

Sea Salt with Bamboo Exfoliation - 45mins - 682,000vnđ

This provider deep cleansing and brilliant polishing of skin, leaving it glowing and vibrant Neroli Oil used to help protect the skin after treatment.

Coconut Body Scrub - 45mins - 682,000vnđ

Coconut is an age-old Asian remedy for many skin conditions. It helps remove dead skin cells, stimulates skin microcirculation, and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, younger and more radiant.

Banana Body Wrap - 60mins - 853,000vnđ

Villa Spa’s exclusive designed banana body wrap uses the healing properties of bananas mixed with milk, essential oils, olive oil and honey, enhancesuppleness of your skin, brightenyour complexion by cleaning skin pores, and improve blood circulation.

Aloe Vera Body Wrap - 60mins - 853,000vnđ

Villa Song Spas Treatment uses natural, freshly cut aloe, with lavender oil on your skin. It is a perfect treatment for those with dry and sensitive skin, and for those with damaged or burnt skin, especially those suffering from sunburn. After treatment, your skin will feel cool, firm and smooth.

Full leg – 924,000vnđ

Full arm – 485,000vnđ

Back – 606,000vnđ

Eye brow/upper lip/chin – 231,000vnđ


With Color – 208,000vnđ

No Color – 146,000vnđ

French Style – 243,000vnđ


With color – 208,000vnđ

No color – 146,000vnđ

French style – 243,000vnđ

Foot Scrub - 60mins - 462,000vnđ

This cleanses, renews and restores your feet. First your feet will be soaked in warm water with rock sea salt, before being fully scrubbed with a salt/bamboo mixed scrub, to remove dead skin cells and calluses. We finish by using moisturizer and natural essential oils for your feet to be soft and smooth.

Hand Scrub - 40mins - 317,000vnđ

Begin with a soak and an aromatherapy scrub, to exfoliate your skin and end with moisture hydration lotion, to leave your skin looking, feeling and smelling fantastic.

Callus Removal – 231,000vnđ

Villa Song Hotel Spa Packages

Honeymoon Package

160mins – 2,225,000vnđ

Banana Body Wrap
Coconut Body Scrub
Skin Renewal Facial

The Energy Revival Package

130mins – 1,744,000vnđ

Body Scrub with salt and bamboo/coconut
Aroma Therapy
Detoxifying Facial

Mind, Body & Soul Package

100mins – 1,566,000vnđ

Coconut Body Scrub
Sport therapy/ Aroma Therapy
Manicure and Pedicure

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