Villa Song Saigon Story

Our Story

Past sleepy palms and nurtured greens, a sanctuary by the river awaits. Villa Sông Saigon was renovated and completely refurbished in December 2013 to express its unique charm, redolent of days long past. The small luxury hotel therefore is an objet d’art in the centre of a vibrant urban landscape. Taking inspiration from French colonial design and the natural surrounds, this riverside boutique hotel is a beautiful mixture of whimsy and romance.

The Setting

Discover a haven of peace and calm within the heart of the colorful metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. Just a fifteen minute shuttle boat ride from the central pier, you are able to escape to a place where time stops and water flows.

During your stay, experience the inviting ease of the river and the intrigue of a city bustling with life. Immerse yourself in the living history and age-old charm of former Saigon. Meandering through markets with steaming noodles, or pay your respects to the cascading pagodas.

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