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All luxury boutique hotels have a special atmosphere, a combination of home and exclusive place ambiences. Villa Song Saigon developed a unique world of serenity, creating a cocoon for fine travelers in the emerging Vietnam.

Villa Song Saigon is a quite new property – opened in 2013 – but it quickly became an institution in Ho Chi Minh City and more globally in the Vietnam luxury hospitality market thanks to a great location along the river, a magnificient restored French colonial building and a great overall management. At 45-minute distance from the airport, it offers serenity and privacy with a boutique hotel size in a crazy stressing city.

In other words it’s a great destination to take a rest for few days, have a romantic week-end pampering yourself or simply use it as headquarter to visit the city thanks to the very convenient complimentary shuttle to Saigon Opera House.

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